Graça Estrela:

She participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

Her project, Brazil 2000-500 years with Graça das Araras, was approved by the Foreign Ministry Commission on the 500 years of the Discovery of Brazil.

Her principal exhibitions were:

1997 A Graça das Araras, The Economist Gallery in Saint James, London, England.
Saint Giles, Oxford, England.
University Linecre College Oxford, England. International Congress on the Amazon environment.
Project Brazil 2000-500 years with  Graça das Araras, in the Parque Ibirapuera, São Paulo.
Project Brazil 2000-500 years with  Graça das Araras, in Toronto, Canada. Harbourfront Center, Lake Ontário, Summer Festival, Pan Portuguese Arts.
Becomes a member of honor of the Rare Birds Breeders Association, New Market, Ontario, Canada.
Project Brazil 2000-500 years with Graça das Araras, Salão Manabu Mabe, at the Brazilian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.
She gives a lecture to Japanese students (from 5 to 14 years old) at the Brazilian Embassy, and to employees and guests at the Brazilian Consulate and Bank of Brazil, in tokyo, Japan.
Prize ‘Comenda do Araguaia ', awarded by the Chamber of Deputies of the State of Goiás, for her work in defense of macaws.

She became honorary member of the Association of Rare Birds Breeders of New Marquet, Ontario , Canada .

2002 Parrots World Congress. Exhibition held at Loro Park , Canary Islands, Tenerife , Spain , October 12 -18.
2003 Individual exhibition in the Infraero gallery, Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos, São Paulo , in October, in commemoration of the “Semana da Asa”.
2003 Brazil/Germany Week, exhibition held at the Centro de Convenções de Goiânia, October 27-29.
2004 Permanent exhibition in the Sala VIP of the Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos, from March to December.
2004 Sounds and Noises of Nature, at Blue Life, São Paulo , from August 12 to September 12.
2004 Paris , François Mansart Gallery, Brasilis en Paris , from November 23 to December 12.
2004 Paris ( France ), Carroussel du Louvre, from December 14 to the December 22. Fine Arts room.
2005 She is awarded a gold medal for her work “Nest of Macaws”, as the best figurative work of the exhibition. François Mansart Gallery.
2005 Graça das Araras – Exhibition in the city of Munich , Germany , from June 14 -30.
2005 Project Esquelbecq – in Lille , France , as part of the project Brasilis in France . She will give lectures and courses on Parrots of Brazil, in the Esquelbecq castle, in August 2005.